Webinar: Why MDM should be a part of ERP Planning?

The list of to-dos during an ERP project is a long one. And one of the things that sometime gets missed out is managing the data. With various systems (legacy and ERPs) coming together, different types, formats, and versions of data come on to one platform, which can potentially lead to chaos.

A simple way to avoid such a scenario is with the use of a robust material MDM solution. With the power of data cleansing and data governance built into the system, and the domain knowledge of materials data, such a solution can not only help you manage your parts data better, it can also boost your expected ERP ROI.

In this webinar, we shall be discussing –

• Why ERP and MDM cannot be an either/or scenario?
• What problems can arise due to a lack of proper data cleansing and governance?
• Why MDM should be a part of the ERP blueprint?

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