Webinar: Driving SAP Upgrade or Consolidation Success with Harmonized Material Masters

A Webinar for SAP users : ASR–Group Highlights how Harmonized Material Masters impact SAP Rollout ROI

Who should watch and why:

  • Procurement – Learn why a harmonized material master is essential for adding value to your efforts and how it can increase savings in areas of inventory management, duplicate orders, and strategic sourcing.
  • Management – Learn how you can improve productivity, reduce downtime, and optimize business knowledge to gain competitive advantage, to achieve the projected ROI.
  • IT – Learn how the SAP investment can be proved out quicker, with less effort from master data managers. Empower the business with ‘always-harmonized’ material data and optimize your IT Assets.

Only 25% of ERP projects generate the projected ROI. Key reasons for this include bad data or under-governance of once-harmonized data. If you are planning a SAP system consolidation, or upgrade (or have just completed one), understanding the value of harmonized material masters might just be that winning stroke.

It’s no wonder that best practice experts always recommend standardizing and harmonizing material master data during an SAP/ERP upgrade. Using enriched, rationalized, and harmonized data to fuel the ERP has measurable impact on ROI from an SAP implementation. Join this educational webinar to learn how you can use ‘always-harmonized’ material data as a partner to ensure the best possible results from your SAP upgrade or consolidation.

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