E-book: Sailing smooth through Data Vortex - Master data management

The pain that top companies are experiencing in consistent reporting and in regulatory compliance once they have moved to a new/upgraded ERP platform has prompted a great deal of interest in Master Data Management.

This E-book will provide you with an in-depth view of MDM and key related factors that you should be aware of to support a successful MDM initiative.It will also explore the role of stakeholders and discuss best practices, ending with a brief about key masters and ancillary masters.

In this E-book, walk with us through a step-by-step journey on the following pillars of Master Data Management:

  • What is MDM and 5 Reasons why you should worry about MDM
  • Why current systems fall short
  • 4 Reasons which make data consolidation activity worth the pain
  • 10 Key steps for a successful MDM implementation
  • MDM stakeholders- and why it matters to them
  • MDM implementation options – In house v/s Third Party
  • The complex world of key masters and small masters

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