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Case Study : Process Improvement for a Large Agricultural Nutrient Provider

This is a unique case analysis of one of our most impactful projects - Improvement of procurement and MRO processes, at one of world's largest agricultural nutrient manufacturers. The customer having over 50 manufacturing facilities across North America with revenues over $15 Billion has leveraged Verdantis Artificial Intelligence-based solutions to remarkable effect.

The Process improvement initiative allowed the client to harness:

  • Structured BOM and Item master data powering work order system
  • Improved sourcing due to greater master data quality
  • Improved working capital
  • Data standardization per global norms making data operationally versatile
  • Improved processes for inventory management

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Quote :

“Overall close to 6% of items were identified as duplicates, leading to a saving of 5-6% of total inventory cost. Equally important, a complete and accurate Bill of Material was created leading to more robust processes on the manufacturing floor.”

- Jack Hill , Director of Materials Management.