White Paper: MRO Master Data Management for Enhanced Maintenance Performance

MRO assets form the crux of the indirect supply chain and play a vital role in the production and maintenance lifecycles. Maintenance is one of the core functions of every asset intensive industry and as assets become increasingly complex and the dependency on them increases, it is increasingly important for organizations to have a strong hold over their maintenance processes and run an efficient, continuous manufacturing or service operation environment sustained by an event-less supply chain. It has largely evolved from being reactive and corrective to planned and preventive.

An effective Master Data Management initiative that delivers accurate MRO data and keeps it clean on an on-going basis adds immense value to the Safety & Maintenance programs, MRO & strategic sourcing efforts and sustainable production initiatives of an organization. It drives significant bottom-line savings, achieves enhanced business and operational efficiencies, unlocks the ROI and performance of maintenance systems, minimizes to a great extent costly downtimes and losses, and more importantly, helps the management make informed and sound decisions on fail-proof maintenance programs based on sound MRO data in the ERP/SCM/CMMS Systems leading to enhanced Maintenance performance.

Read this research paper to learn about:

  • Improved performance of safety and maintenance programs
  • MRO supply chain optimization and Greater process compliance
  • Enhance Enterprise Visibility and Efficient Production Risk Mitigation
  • Inventory optimization and effective Materials Handling
  • Informed maintenance management with superior ROI on IT Investments

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