Whitepaper : MDM as an Answer to ROI of ERP Deployment

Per a recent survey it has been found that 75-80 % of ERP projects failed to generate the desired ROI. For the promised benefits of ERP deployment like better decisions, reduced costs and increased performance to translate into tangible dollar savings, these initiatives need to be supported well by other success factors. Prime among these is master data management (MDM).

Organizations migrating from one ERP to another or those moving from their legacy based systems to a lifecycle implementation face a challenge in managing legacy data. This legacy data is in the form of sales & distribution, customer, supplier, material and employee data which has been stacking up in the systems over decades.

This white paper addresses the key issue of achieving the desired ROI from ERP deployments. It focuses on the benefits a MDM project brings to the table during an ERP consolidation / implementation project and why managing, improvising, cleansing, enriching and migrating key masters has high impact on the success of an ERP initiative.

Read this whitepaper to understand:

  • The challenges a MDM initiative can resolve during the ERP projects
  • Where does MDM fit in the ERP blueprint
  • MDM impact on ERP implementation lifecycle

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