Case Study : Leading Electric Utility taps Verdantis for help executing Massive MDM and ERP Upgrade Initiative

A Fortune 500 electric utility company was in the midst of 3 large IT process changes including an ERP consolidation and an EAM consolidation, which brought along quite a few challenges along the way.

Among the most significant of those challenges, is the data harmonizing challenge. Verdantis has been tasked with harmonizing the utility company's legacy master data - nearly 600,000 item records formerly distributed among hundreds of legacy source systems - for delivering a single version of truth for the ERP/EAM systems.

The common catalog initiative allowed the client to:
  • Reduce working capital requirements and financing costs
  • Increase first-time fix rates for plant equipment
  • Minimize safety stockpiling
  • Increase productivity among its engineering personnel by making item setup and search more efficient and effective
  • Facilitate cross-functional data synergies across applications systems
  • Deliver costs savings by gaining enterprise visibility into MRO spend/inventory

Quote :

"If one of our plants is offline and not putting electricity onto the grid, the needed power must be either purchased or diverted from another source. There is expense associated with both options, so the objective is to keep our plants online as scheduled and, when they are offline for maintenance or refueling, to get them back online as quickly as possible while adhering, of course, to all the correct operational and regulatory procedures."

- Sr. IT Manager

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