White Paper: Improve Enterprise Data Quality through Master Data Management

Data sub-systems are typically designed to support specific line of business processes. However, as more organizations begin to employ enterprise-wide tools to support cross-functional processes, what were tolerable data variations and discrepancies, wreak havoc on KPIs. This has shifted much significance to one key factor, the foundation for all IT systems - master data and master data quality.

Poor quality data exposes the organizations to various risk factors, jeopardizes performance and diminishes the value of enterprise data management systems. This erodes the ability of organizational management to make informed business and operational decisions. Business plans and strategies based on analysis of such data are at risk and may lead to financial losses unless the validity of data is ensured, to granular levels.

Read this research paper to learn about:

  • Data corruption and its origin
  • The challenges associated with Master Data Quality
  • Improving Data Quality through Master Data Management
  • Benefits of Master Data Management
  • with a special spot-light on Product Data Quality Improvement

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