Whitepaper: Empower end-users with Master Data Management

Easy access to clean and accurate master data has empowered end-users in mature organizations with better decision making in day to day activities, making employees more productive and responsive to corporate challenges. It has enabled a higher rate of target achievement in shorter timelines thus creating a robust business lifecycle, increasing profitability from all assets, improving ease of work, minimizing error and improving collaboration among business users across cross functional divisions. This has contributed to a superior competitive advantage in today's information age.

In addition to providing value to the end-users, Master Data Management delivers enterprise-wide benefits in the form of streamlined business processes, increased bottom-line savings, accelerated ROI from large scale investments like ERP and other key IT infrastructure implementations. A successful MDM implementation enhances business and operational efficiencies and improves the 3 Ps - productivity, profitability and performance.

Read this research paper to learn about:

  • How Master Data Management empowers the business end-users and data managers to achieve corporate and functional objectives
  • The impact of MDM on end-user success in key organizational asset domains - materials, suppliers, products and customers
  • How Master Data Management assists business owners in making faster and accurate business decisions
  • Why best-in-class organizations that have deployed MDM are performing better compared to laggards who struggle with creating business value from information as an asset

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