There are numerous business initiatives underway in an organization at any given time that are focused on cost reductions, operational efficiencies, or strategic synergy. Merger and acquisition teams may be evaluating potential targets based on synergy in the consolidation of operations, supply chains, or product lines. Operation leadership wants to reduce downtime and increase people efficiency. Supply Management wants better spend visibility and leverage. When material master data is not clean, teams do not have reliable data for the reporting needed to drive initiatives forward.

Given the need to increase operational efficiency, drive M&A synergy, and maximize ROI from ERP initiatives, forward thinking companies in industries such as manufacturing, energy and utility, etc. cannot afford to lose competitive advantage due to material master data inefficiencies. Given the magnitude of the problem and the opportunity, Material Master Data Management (MMDM) is not just a sound investment — it is an essential one.

Access this webinar to learn about:

• Material master data quality and management challenges
• MMDM approaches and solutions adopted by leading companies
• Business case for MMDM
• Simplified business benefit calculator for MMDM

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