Webinar: “10 Epic Fails in MRO Master Data Management
PLUS the fastest ways to fix them”

In today’s competitive business world, enterprises are taking a big interest in MRO efficiencies. While MRO-related cost savings and process efficiencies are ripe for the picking, there is one huge problem—most companies’ source data is a mess as they have never controlled nor managed their MRO item and supplier masters in ERP. A vast duplication, misclassification, inconsistency, and inaccuracy permeates typical industrial enterprises’ ERP ecosystems related to MRO. The MRO data problem stands between industrial companies and optimized MRO supply chains.

This webinar investigates the breadth and depth of the negative business outcomes that stem from failures to control and manage MRO item and supplier master data. Acess it to learn about:

-Root-cause fails in MRO master data management
-Dependent process fails in MRO master data management
-Enterprise fails in MRO master data management
...and what companies can do to rapidly repair damage caused by so many years of neglect for MRO master data management.

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